The Krikni Youth Center at KRIK

The Krikni Youth Center was developed as an idea at the very early stage of CYA KRIK’s work. In February 2017, KRIK’s aspiration to have a youth center that would exclusively serve the youngsters came to the realization and is embodied in the Krikni Youth Center.
The creation of the Krikni Youth Center was supported by the National Youth Council of Macedonia through the initiative Мрдни со Прст.

The Center is open to all young people who are willing to engage in the community.  The Center offers free space to all those who are eager to share their knowledge, through interactive workshops, while using non-formal education methods. We encourage and welcome all young people to contact us so that we can help them realize their ideas.

The Youth Center features a spacious training room, one working room, a leisure room, and a kitchen.

The Center is located on St. Karadzica No. 6, Skopje, Macedonia.

For more information, contact us at