About us

What is the Center for Youth Activism KRIK?

Founded – 11.11.2012

The Center for Youth Activism KRIK is a non-governmental, non-profit organization established and led by young people while working for and with young people.

In Macedonian, the word KRIK means “scream” or “outcry” and the inspiration for it came out of the vision for this organization–to be the voice of youth so that their voices are heard and they are empowered to make changes and contributions within their society. KRIK strives to encourage greater youth participation and activism as well as motivate young people to be more included in the policy-making process at the local and national levels. KRIK’s target group is generally all people, with an emphasis mainly on youth, who want to contribute and make changes in the field of ecology, critical thinking and communication skills as well as working for the well-being of traditionally excluded groups in society.


The mission of KRIK is the empowerment of youth by motivating them to raise their voices and actively contribute to their society. KRIK supports youth work and youth workers by engaging in different areas in order to achieve greater youth participation, youth activism, and involvement in policy-making processes at local and national levels.