Open call for 5 participants for YE “Lost but found by E!”

CYA Krik is looking for 4 participants+ 1 group leader for a Youth exchange in Lunteren, Netherlands.

Where: Lunteren, Netherlands

When: 10.08- 20.08.2021

Summary of the project:
Our project will bring together 9 organizations that work with people with mental disabilities and/or Down syndrome and physical disabilities but also visual impaired and hearing-impaired participants, in Lunteren, in the Netherlands.
The Majority of the participants will have fewer opportunities because they will on top of that come from rural areas.
We chose this topic because there are very few Erasmus+ projects in this field (in this way , because mostly in the projects organizations involve just one or two disabled participants, and the program is hardly adapted to them), also youth workers need more knowledge about the opportunities they have and to share experience on the subject from different countries. The main tool of the project is the non-formal education, the methods we are using are mainly role plays, interactive workshops and talks. The relaxed but still serious program will give everybody the possibility to talk and feel comfortable about their own opinions and situation. By using these methods, participants
will have to interact with each other through different channels- verbal and non-verbal, which will facilitate the way that bound at the end. By providing a safe environment, they will open their minds after a while and get to trust the each other and also to gain trust in themselves. We did see this happening last time, and they increased their communication a lot, not only by speaking, but also by non-verbal communication. Sometimes when they wanted to show somebody something, but they were not able to express that verbally, they just grabbed each other’s hand and enthusiastically managed to find a way to express their thoughts to each other. As facilitators we strive to make everyone feel comfortable and relaxed in this group that the learning outcomes will be reached naturally, without forcing them. The main focus of the activities during the project will be the sharing and learning about the different situations in different countries and learning about opportunities and active European citizenship. The expected result will be to create network of organizations for people with mental disabilities and to bring ideas for projects they can organize themselves, at a local or European level.

Who can apply?

  • Young people aged 18-30 years old
  • Knowledge of English
  • Experience in group leadership
  • Participants are expected to have the time and willingness to participate in the project

For more information see the INFOPACK & DAILY PROGRAMME.

How to apply:

Everyone that is interested should fill in the APPLICATION FORM before 01.07.2021.

Партиципација за учество: 600мкд

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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