Open call for 5 participants for TC “Nature is Future!”

CYA Krik is looking for 5 participants for a Training Course “Nature is Future” in Bursa, Turkey.

Where: Bursa, Turkey

When: 26.07-31.07.2021


The aim of the Training course: The aim of the project is to encourage young people to actively contribute and raise awareness to environmental protection as well as eco-friendly solutions with creative activities in their local
communities. Also, what is more, the participants will share practical experiences regarding ecological footprints, renewable energies, eating habits, conscious consumption, composting, 3R and spending creative Ecofriendly time.

Project objectives:

– To raise awareness of environmental protection and ecological footprint among youth.
– To show the youngsters that with the lifestyle they live how big part of the planet is needed to provide them with
food energy fuel etc.
– To make them realize that everybody can do something to slow down the climate change to protect the environment.
– To show them how to live consciously and green in harmony with nature.
– To promote green and sustainable way of life among youth and local community.
– To create a local activity/event and promotional campaign for Eco-friendly, conscious and sustainable way of life in
order to meet and reach local people and raise their awareness about this important European topic and through this activity the participants of the youth exchange play a role of a multipliers since they will forward the information what they got and what they learned.
– To encourage and motivate young people to become active citizens in their society.

Participant profile:

-Young People in age 18 to 30 residence of participant’s countries;
– Young People have fewer opportunities facing cultural differences, social and economical obstacles
– With motivation to develop their personal and professional competencies in international environment (to improve their skills in communication, teamwork, problem-solving, presentation, facilitation and conflict management)
– Motivated to work on the development of their foreign language skills, teamwork skills, problem solving abilities, time management etc
– Motivated to work in an international team in the frame of Erasmus + and to share their experience in the follow-up period

For more information see the INFOPACK.

How to apply:

Everyone that is interested should fill in the APPLICATION FORM before 10.07.2021.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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