KRIK’s Team



Mila Karadafova-Executive Director

Irena Krsteva – Program coordinator for Social Inclusion

Elisabeta Buloska – Technical and logistical assistant

Mila is 26 year old graduated from Faculty of Business Logistics. Curently she is finishing her MBA studies in the field of Strategic Management at Business Academy Smilevski. She is youth worker and a trainer in the youth field for 6 years already. She is also part of the pool of trainers of the National Youth Council of Macedonia. She is active in the youth field and in youth policies on National level. She is President of the Board of the Union of Youth Work. She is passionate about different approaches of youth work and methodologies. Currently she is into systemic psychotherapy education at the Institute Alternativa. She is one of the founders of Krik and working in the organization since its beginnings.

Irena is graduated Social Worker, active in the NGO sector for more than 5 years. She is member of the Supervisory Board of the National Youth Council of Macedonia. Her main focus is working on the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities in the society by delivering different activities for them. In Krik she is also mentor to the EVS volunteers. She is also youth worker, trainer and facilitator, designing, delivering, monitoring and evaluating projects and programs that are delivered in Krik.  In Krik she started as volunteer, than youth worker and now she is the Program Coordinator for Social Inclusion.

Elisaveta Buloska, aged 24 is responsible for technical and logistical support in CYA KRIK, which covers providing technical and logistical support in organizing events and implementing activities, preparation of young people in participation on projects and educational events in Macedonia and outside. She is graduated psychologist and right now she is into Gestalt psychotherapy training . She had participated in many projects, local and international, on different topics. Furthermore, she is youth worker in training. In her work she uses holistic approach in order to help people enhance awareness, self – direction, gain motivation, looking at things from a different perspective and take responsibility for their actions.

Oliver Andreevski – Assistant for creating and developing youth programs

 Simona Petrovska –
Finance and Administrative assistant

Stefan Bozhinovski – Intern

Oliver Andreevski is a 22 year old student in the final year of the BA studies for Ethnology and Anthropology. He joined Krik in July as an Assistant for creating and developing youth programs. He is passionate about exploring different cultures and loves working with people. He has participated in many projects in the country as well as on international projects, mainly though the Erasmus+ program and has experience of organizing events and delivering workshops and trainings for young people. Simona is a 26 years old youth worker, she’s studying achitecture at the Cyril and Methodius university. She started at Krik on November 2017. She’s friendly person and likes to meet new people, she does joga on rregullar basis and likes to hang out on weekends. She works finance and administrative works on Krik and sometimes even mentoring.  Stefan is an intern at KRIK since he moved to Skopje to study at university in 2017. He is promoting different trainings and workshops that KRIK creates or provides as a partner organisation. Furthermore he’s taking part in different workshops with youths with typical and atypical development and expends his knowledge about youth work to gain experiences in order to be able to create workshops himself.

Baki Azemi – Field Worker

 Hyrijeta Kolari –    Intern Viktorija Ivanovska – Intern
 Baki Azemi, born in Skopje on 1993 is a friendly and ambitous person with strong communicative skills and also a team player.

Acting as a most active Krik member before, he has started working for Krik at 2nd of April 2018 and will work on Youth Guarantee for the remaining time of the year.
He will also work on workshops and help the volunteers.

 Eta is graduated  in Public Administration and political science South East European University, Tetova (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) Curently she is finishing her MBA studies ( South East European University Tetovo)

She is friendly, confident person with communication skills she is a team player with a positive attitude and professional ability to motivate and encourage other.

She have experience in private sector in human resources and its her passion to work with people. She had participated in many projects, local and international, on different topics. Furthermore, she is youth worker in training

She was an intern at Krik from April  of 2017 till Avgust of 2017.

Viktorija Ivanovska, born in Skopje 22.08.1993. After finishing high school in Josip Broz Tito she enrolled at the Special Education Faculty of Philosophy where she graduated in 2017. Viki joined Krik’s team end of March 2017. During her internship in Krik she is learning about youth work and supporting the youth workers in delivering youth programs with young people with disabilities and without.

She was an intern at Krik from April  of 2017 till Avgust of 2017.

Valmira Arifi – Program assistant for social inclusion  Sanja Mihajlovska – Coordinator for Youth Programs
Valmira Arifi is a 23 year old  youth worker, graduated in Special Education and Rehabilitation. She started going in Krik as a participant on workshops and trainings, but from  July she is working as Program assistant for social inclusion. She loves helping people, especially those with special needs to smile and be important for what they are. In Krik she is helping about the work and activities for social inclusion, but also she is learning how to interact, work, organize, support, motivate the youth in their work and aim to develop themselves.

She was an intern at Krik from June of 2017 till November of 2017.

Sanja is graduated from Pedagogical Faculty, active in the civil sector for more than a decade, and working as a youth worker/trainer more then 6 years. Her field of working is human rights and gender equality. With the project From the heart vol. 2 she come in Krik as a volunteer and now she is working as Coordinator for Youth Programs. For the last year she is really active on the process of recognition of youth work in Macedonia, part of the Union of Youth Work of Macedonia.

She has worked for Krik from September of 2015 till October of 2017.