Heroes and Heroines in youth sport work for inclusion

This study follows deep research about the situation with inclusion of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers in Italy, North Macedonia, Croatia and Germany. This research consists good practices, law regulative in different countries, methodology for working with different groups, administrative aspect and security check outs. The youth organizations and youth workers will use this manual as a resource tool.

The study is consisted of two different questionnaires:

-NGOs/institutions operating on local level

The questionnaire for NGOs/institutions is with the focus on the situation of the immigrants, provided activities/programs for immigrants

-youth workers

The focus of the questionnaire for youth workers is on the needed competences when working with immigrants in the field of youth SPORT work for inclusion.

The study is made to help and support the following project activities and to improve the current situation of the immigrants, to shape the youth workers with needed competences, skills and activities when working with immigrants and for inclusion of theirs through youth sport work. The study will be useful for organizations which want to provide activities for the target group or to improve the quality of the youth work provided. The general overview of the youth work for inclusion of immigrants on National level will help the organizations and the institutions to establish their needs for assuring quality youth work systems in the future.