Gamification for youth learning

This project will focus on providing support to youth workers and organizations as they prepare activities. It will also focus on supporting young people's digital participation and online learning .

The target group that will be included in the project for the planned activities of the project is:
- Youth organizations, which provide basic activities for youth work at the local level.
- Youth workers, who work with young people every day.
- Young people aged 15-25, high school and university students.

They will be involved in the research phase for the needs of creating a digital tool. How they want the tool to look and what opportunities it can have. Once IO2 is ready, the digital tool will be tested by them.

Priority will be given to young people who are:
• Motivated and interested in active participation in society;
• With limited opportunities and resources in the learning processes;
• Open to the development of new knowledge and skills;
• Inclusion of young people from marginalized groups in the following categories: social barriers, educational difficulties, geographical barriers, economic barriers, cultural differences and young people with disabilities who will be included in the testing phase of the digital tool.

     The project activities will be implemented in phases.
1. Conduct research on the needs of using a gamification tool for youth learning. At this stage, all participating organizations will conduct research at the national level. All partner organizations will implement it with young people, youth workers and organizations working in their country.
2. Creating a digital tool - an online learning gamification tool.
3. Learning training - Testing the digital tool
4. The last phase of this project is the distribution of intellectual results to the target group - other youth organizations and youth workers, in order to use them in their work, as well as to improve their capacities.

The project "Gamification for Youth Learning" will have a long-term impact on digital participation in youth activities. We expect it to indicate recognition of youth work in partner countries and to strengthen the capacity of youth workers.

Project activities through the Krik website:

Application for participation in the focus group "Gamification Tools for Youth Learning"

Open call за младински работници за учество во фокус група „Gamification метод во младинската работа”

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