Game + growth and access for millennials from Erasmus +

     Game + growth and access for millennials from Erasmus + program project, will run for 24 months. This project will focus on building the capacity of youth workers by including a new digital tool.

     The aim of the project is to strengthen the methodologies of each partner and strengthen the digital competencies of their youth workers to address vulnerable target groups.

     Specific objectives:
-To offer a new, innovative digital educational tool based on the gamification method;
-Improving the digital participation and digital inclusion of young people;
-To encourage and motivate young people to use educational games as a tool for online learning;
- To strengthen the capacities of young workers, youth and youth organizations at European level.

     Project phases:
- research on the needs in gamification and online learning,
- development of a tool for digital games,
- testing of a tool for digital games,
- training on how to use digital gaming tools,
- promotion events

     Project documents:

- IO1: research of abd guidelines for gamification in youth work
- IO2: Learnus + - digital tool

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