Open call for 6 participants for YE “Solidarity in diffabilities”

CYA Krik is looking for 5 participants+ 1 group leader for an APV and Youth exchange in Lunteren, Netherlands.

*The group leader+ 1 participant will participate in the APV, while the whole group will participate in the Youth exchange

Where: Lunteren, Netherlands

When: 20.06- 22.06.2021 (Advanced planned visit), 24.07- 03.08 (Youth Exchange)

Summary of the project:

“Solidarity in Diffabilities” is a youth exchange including 8 countries & 8 partners: Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Serbia and the
republic of North Macedonia. This is a follow up of several similar projects that reached a huge impact in the local and EU community. The main objectives
are to support the social inclusion of youngsters with mental and or physical disabilities, present them diverse cultures, foster mutual understanding between
young people from different countries, develop solidarity and promote tolerance among young people and encourage creating friendships. Additionally, this
project promotes the young people’s active participation focusing on their European citizenship and the European cooperation in the youth field.
The most important for the target group and considering he objectives of the project is to develop and improve the skills of the participants:

– Communication skills (as well as in foreign languages)- Taking part in an international group will be a great challenge for each of the participants as they
will have to interact it with people they don’t know, and in addition there will be a language barrier which they have to overcome. As per our previous
experience, communication skills are the ones developed the most after the YE.

– Confidence in everyday life and socialization skills – we are confident, that being part in such international YE, the participants will increase their confidence
that they can deal themselves with basic everyday needs that they were scared to deal with previously. For some of them this will be their first time out of their
country and their comfort zone, usually after the very day everybody feels so enthusiastic and empowered in such new environment, they start feeling
responsible about the schedule and the program activities

– Intercultural, EU citizenship awareness and tolerance- We have planned the activities in the YE to focus on sharing the international and intercultural
experience, so we believe the participants and their relatives (when they return back home and share the experience) will become more aware about the
intercultural equalities and differences, as well as help them widen their horizons. Such international environment will help them discover new cultures, habits
and lifestyles, mainly through peer-learning and will strengthen values like friendship. Furthermore, if the methods for inclusion in their own countries are less
productive, they will be able to improve them and if their methods are good, they would be able to better appreciate what they have.

Who can apply?

  • Young people aged 18-30 years old
  • Knowledge of English
  • Experience in group leadership
  • Participants are expected to have the time and willingness to participate in the project

For more information see the INFOPACK.

How to apply:

Everyone that is interested should fill in the APPLICATION FORM before 02.06.2021 (Wednesday).

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

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