2021 Youth Inclusive Summer Camps

Centar for youth activism Krik together with Union of Scouts of Macedonia announces the realization of the Inclusive Youth Camps that will be conducted in the summer.

Inclusive youth camps are camps where participants are young people with and without disabilities. The camps last 4 days (3 nights) and take place in Извидничкиот центар Охрид-Ицо. 

The camps have been conducted traditionally since 2017. Pictures from past camps can be seen here: 20202019, 2017 (IIIIII)

You can see more about the camps in the following video

The morning part of the program consists of educational activities prepared according to the needs of the participants, while the afternoon part of the program consists of outdoor activities.

One group consists of 30 to 40 participants. The participants work in groups of 6 people. The groups consist of 1 group leader who has experience in working with young people with and without disabilities, 3 people with disabilities and 3 people with typical development. All camp participants are accommodated in a tent.

This group of participants employs people who are part of the program team, as follows: special educator, social worker, facilitators, program team for leisure activities and 2 coordinators of program activities.

Period of realization 19th to 22nd August, 2021.

The program of the camp consists of:

  • Group building activities;
  • Local and regional dinners;
  • Outdoor activities (kayaking, hiking, archery, water antics, campfire lighting, sports activities and many others);
  • Workshops where non-formal education methods will be used on various topics;
  • Visits to local places in Ohrid;
  • Interesting and fun activities.

For the realization of the camps for the summer season 2021, a fundraising campaign is organized in order to ensure participation for a larger number of participants.

If you want to support the implementation of the camp, you can donate to  оваа платформа.

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