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What is CYA Krik?

The Center for Youth Activism Krik is a non-governmental, non-profit organization founded by young people, led by young people and working for and with young people. The name is an inspiration that came from the vision of this organization, which should be the voice of young people who will be heard and will make changes and contributions to society. Krik seeks to encourage greater youth participation, youth activism, to encourage young people to be more involved in the policy-making process at local and national level. The target group that Creek works with is all young people 13-30 as well as young people with fewer opportunities, socially excluded groups and young people with visual and intellectual disabilities.

Objectives: - Development of youth work, encouragement of youth activism and volunteerism. - Development of communication skills, encouragement of critical thinking and active listening, introduction to oratory and public speaking. - Greater involvement of young people who are excluded from society through participation in workshops, events and trainings. - Encouraging awareness for eco - living and developing social responsibility and active citizenship.

Mission: Krik's mission is to strengthen the capacity of young people, to motivate them to freely express their opinions, to contribute to society. Supporting youth work and youth workers by acting in different areas in order to increase youth participation, youth activism and involvement in the policy-making process at local and national level.

KRIK and international cooperation: International Krik collaboration is collaboration with various partner organizations and informal groups on various projects around the world. We are currently collaborating with organizations at the European level mostly through the Erasmus + program. International cooperation for Krik is very important because through that cooperation, we gain new knowledge, new way of working from partners in other countries and how they deal with certain similar problems, a very important part as a benefit is the youth mobility that arises from partnerships.

Youth work in Krik: Youth work in Krik is everything that deals with young people and their problems. Because we are an organization that works for young people, so for us everything is youth work. Here we put more emphasis on working with groups of young people who are socially excluded from society and developing youth work in that regard in the long run. The youth work that Krik conducts takes place in the premises of the youth center Krikni which is located in Przino and 3 special schools in Skopje. Youth work is implemented through long-term programs for young people that are designed according to the needs of young people. For us, youth work is a long-term process that we work on through long-term workshops, trainings, various researches ...

What we stand for: Krik is primarily committed to developing youth work and promoting the values ​​of volunteerism. Furthermore, Krik strives to foster critical thinking and communication skills for good interpersonal relationships. We also advocate for equal opportunities and greater inclusion of socially excluded groups in society in all spheres. Lastly, we, the members of Krik, allude to the protection of nature and the environment, as well as the promotion of an eco-friendly and organic way of life.

Who we stand for:According to what we stand for, in general, the place in Krik can be found by every individual in the society, especially the young people. More specifically, we stand for people excluded and forgotten by society, we support all those who want to be active in our fields of action, who want to contribute to society, but also to upgrade themselves and we also stand for a healthy life environment and nature.

Educational support from Krik: The Center for Youth Activism KRIK from Skopje, within its activities, offers continuous educational support in addition to the regular system of formal education in the Republic of Macedonia. The focus of the educational support offered by our organization is on non-formal education. The purpose of this is to enrich the already existing knowledge and skills of young people, as well as to change certain of their attitudes. The method of work itself consists of interactive workshops, where participants can most openly express their views and opinions. In addition, the core values ​​of such work are mutual understanding, intercultural dialogue, tolerance and non-discriminatory behavior. KRIK also allows young people to develop certain skills, such as: teamwork skills, communication skills, critical thinking, reasoning, active listening, and the opportunity to develop their creativity. One of the most important components of this learning method is the acquisition of new knowledge in various fields. KRIK is currently continuing the cooperation with the existing partners (primary and secondary schools in the city of Skopje, as well as other non-governmental organizations) and plans to expand and intensify its field of action with all interested parties.

Krik and youth participation: Youth participation in Krik means that the organization is managed by young people, the board of directors and the general assembly of Krik are composed of 100% young people. We are founded by young people, we work for young people and with young people, it is a youth participation for Krik. Krik as a center for youth activism in its work specifically requires the participation of young people in achieving the goals of the organization. In working with young people, greater motivation and spirit in the work is brought by the young people who are the drivers of the society. Anyone who finds himself in the goals and mission of the organization and who is interested in continuing them, is raising them to a higher level, can participate in Krik. The participation of young people means the participation of people from 13 to 30 years. Krik is also in cooperation with all youth organizations that are within the scope of activities of the organization.

Inter-Community Dialogue: Krik is a young organization that is open to all young people regardless of their nationality. Activism and inclusion are key areas through which this organization seeks to encourage all young people to get involved and work together for a better society. Aware and proud of multiculturalism in Macedonia, the members of Krik strive to increase the membership of the organization with young people from all communities with whom they would have a greater impact on society and achieve the goals of the association.

Krik on international level: Krik is an association whose ambitions do not stop within this country. Guided by the international experience of the members, this association works at the local level and achieves international partnerships. So far, Krik has entered into several international partnerships and is working on projects at the international level that would be realized in the near future.

What is Krikni? : Krikni is a youth center, which allows young people to share their ideas, develop new ones and teach each other through various workshops. The Krikni Youth Center operates in accordance with the mission and vision of Krik.. Our center is open to everyone. You can come whenever you want, sit down and talk to us, relax and enjoy good company, write your homework with our help, use the work space, do some activity, etc. It is a pleasant and friendly place where you will always find good people with whom you can enjoy the day.

Statute of CYA Krik – Macedonian

Statute of CYA Krik – English



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