Brain Drain - Strategy Analysis

Brain Drain - Public Policy Document

Step by step to VISA for ESC volunteers

Step by step to VISA - Contact information of diplomatic and consular missions of the Republic of Macedonia

StreetAPP-4-Inclusion – National-report

StreetAPP-4-Inclusion – General-report

Report on the situation of youth organizations during COVID19

IO2_National Recommendations on Implementing PDCAE Mentor-Training_HR

IO2_National Recommendations on Implementing PDCAE Mentor-Training_SL

IO2_Summary of The National Recommendations for The Implementation of PDCAE Program in North Macedonia Croatia and Slovenia_EN

IO-2 Мacedonia

Informal Curriculum for PDCAE Mentor-Training_EN

Informal Curriculum for PDCAE Mentor-Training_HR

Informal Curriculum for PDCAE Mentor-Training_MK

Informal Curriculum for PDCAE Mentor-Training_SL

IO1_Pedagogical Outlines for Emancipatory Learning_EN

IO1_Pedagogical Outlines for Emancipatory Learning_HR

IO1_Pedagogical Outlines for Emancipatory Learning_MK

IO1_Pedagogical Outlines for Emancipatory Learning_SLO

T-Kit- Compendium

T-Kit- Interpretation of the results

T-Kit- Peers for inclusion

Publication-See You Watching Me

Publication-See You Watching Me

STEP-UP-Final magazine- Guide for Youth Trainers

Research - Day care centers, special schools and youth organizations in Macedonia

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