Krik's Team


Мила Карадафова Ангеловска

Mila Karadafova Angelovska

Executive Director

Youth worker (29 years old) with a degree in business logistics and an MBA in the field of strategic management. She is currently enrolled in Systemic and Family Psychotherapy and at the Faculty of Psychology. Mila has experience in the field of training, youth policy, youth work, organizational development, financial and administrative management and implementation and preparation of research methodologies.

Симона Петровска

Simona Petrovska

Financial Director

Youth worker (29 years old) who works with young people with disabilities and without developing their artistic skills. Enrolled in architecture. Beyond youth work activities, Simona works as Director of Finance and Administration. She has experience in logistics, administrative and financial management and youth work.

Оливер Андреевски

Oliver Andreevski

Networking and Development Coordinator

Youth worker (26 years old), graduate of ethnology and anthropology. Works as a coordinator for local youth programs and networking. Creates and develops youth programs. He has experience in training, youth work, youth policy, networking, organizing events and research.

Јована Атанасовска

Jovana Atanasovska

Social Media and Communication Coordinator

Youth worker (29 years old) authorized digital marketer who works with young people with and without disabilities. Jovana works to promote and place information on social media and maintains the website and other social media. She has experience in social media, communication and youth work.

Александра Петкова

Aleksandra Petkova

Coordinator of youth programs

Младински работник (30 години), мaгистер по социјална политика. Таа има искуство во истражувања, младинска работа, младински политики и обуки. Александра е ментор на ЕСК волонтерите и го координира процесот на имплементација на младинските програми во специјалните училишта.

Билјана Иванова

Biljana Ivanova

Coordinator of volunteers from the European Solidarity Corps

Biljana (23 years old) graduated in the field of special education and rehabilitation. She works as a youth worker in the implementation of youth programs in special schools. Biljana provides enhanced mentoring and support to young people with disabilities. She has experience in youth work and special education and rehabilitation.

Константин Карадафов

Konstantin Karadafov

Coordinator for educational mobility for young people in Europe

Youth worker (20 years) authorized graphic designer who works with young people with and without special needs. Works as a coordinator for educational mobility for young people in Europe. Supports young people with and without disabilities to participate in various educational activities. He has experience in graphic design and is responsible for the visual aspect of all Creek documents and data and youth work.

Бојана Кравченко

Bojana Kravchenko

Volunteer Coordinator

Youth worker (28 years old) who works with young people with disabilities and without them. Bojana works as an EVS coordinator. She prepares the work program of EVS volunteers and works on the process of developing their capacities through EVS. Has experience in youth work, training, support of international volunteers who adapt to the local environment.

Ирена Крстева

Irena Krsteva

Former employee as program coordinator for social inclusion. Irena worked at Krik from March 2013 to October 2018 and is currently part of the Board.

Irena, born in 1991, is a graduate social worker, active in the non-governmental sector since 2013. Its main focus is working to include young people with fewer opportunities in society by delivering various activities to them. He started in Krik as a volunteer, then a youth worker, and then a Program Coordinator for Social Inclusion.

Елисавета Булоска

Elisaveta Buloska

Former employee for technical and logistical support in organizing events and conducting activities. She worked in Krik from March 2017 to September 2018.

Elisaveta Buloska, born 1993, responsible for technical and logistical support in CMA Krik, which includes providing technical and logistical support in organizing events and activities, preparing young people to participate in projects and educational events in Macedonia and abroad. She is a graduate psychologist. It uses a holistic approach to help people increase awareness, self-direction, motivation, look at things from a different perspective, and take responsibility for their actions.

Сања Михајловска

Sanja Mihajlovska

Former coordinator for youth programs. She worked in Krik from September 2015 to October 2017.

Sanja Mihajlovska is a graduate of the Faculty of Pedagogy, active in the civil sector for more than a decade and has been working as a youth worker / coach for more than 6 years. Her field of work is human rights and gender equality. She came to Creek as a volunteer and then worked as a youth program coordinator.


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