National report-Analyzes of the country’s needs in terms of youth and social workers skills’ needs for reach out activities to marginalized youth

This study follows deep research about the situation with marginalized groups in the partner organizations countries. This research investigate countries’ needs in terms of youth and social workers skills’ needs for professional development on outreach activities for marginalized clients. The results of the study gives an overview of the situations in the countries and directions in order to ease the work of the other project activities and development of following IOs of the project activities. The results of the study focus on Digital Competences of youth and social workers and the integration of digitalization within organizations’ outreach activities

The study is consisted of two different questionnaires: -NGOs/institutions which are providing activities for the target group on local and national level and -youth workers which are implementing the activities for the target group.

The study was implemented in Italy, Romania, North Macedonia and Spain in the period of January-March 2020.

Project info: STREET-APP 4 INCLUSION is a 24 months Strategic Partnership Innovation project in the area of YOUTH, focusing on Youth workers’ capacity building processes for more effective inclusive reach-out activities for marginalized people.

Project partners: CYA Krik North Macedonia, PROGETTI ASSOCIAZIONE STRADE ITALY, MELAZETA ITALY, Proyecto kieu Spain and Fundacion escuela de soladaridad Spain.

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