Call for a short term EVS project “Volunteer Entrepreneurs” for 2 months

CYA Krik issues a call for a short term EVS project.

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What: European Voluntary Service – EVS

When: 10.04.2020- 07.06.2020

Where: Erzurum, Turkey

Host organization:

It was founded in February members of civil society supporter level as a result of their research about 70 active members. The volunteers who are young people, association holds various supporting Association joins national and international who were coordinated in training transpose to our local. By doing improve and develop itself.

Volunteer activities:

  1. SİTODED Office Works: Volunteers will help our works. (preparing new project, finding new partners, translate our webpage, social media activities, teaching their mother tongue to Turkish youngs, plan games about entrepreneurship (every month, we have 2 entrepreneurship training for Turkish youngs))
  2. Volunteer’s personal project: We want from our volunteers: they plan and practice a personal project. They can choose any topic. To set an example for you, you can look our YouTube Channel:
  3. Erzurum Technical University: Volunteers will prepare some documents about Youth and Erasmus+ (PowerPoint presentation, games, etc). Every week, they will go to our university and they will meet youngs, they will introduce EVS, European Opportunities, Erasmus+.
  4. Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies Studies: Every week, Volunteers will meet with children who hasn’t got family. Before go to children house, volunteers will prepare some games for them. They will spend time with children. (Creative Ideas Workshops, Sport and Outdoor activities, Play games, etc.)
  5. Yakutiye Youth Center Studies: Every week, Volunteers will meet with children and youngs. They will work with them in creativity workshop or Sport and Outdoor activities.
  6. English Conversation Club Activities: Volunteers will join our English conversation club activities with SİTODED local volunteers. Every week, they will speak different topic each other.


The volunteers will live in an apartment of 120 square meters volunteer. SİTODED office and volunteer’s home are same building. The apartment has 2 bedrooms, kitchen, bathroom, living room and a balcony. It is fully equipped with furniture, couches, independent heating system, washing machine as well as Internet connection. The organization will cover all the expenses of the house (electricity, water, heating, internet connection). Each volunteer will receive food money at the beginning of every month. (100
local transport). Also, volunteers has got pocket money. (Totally 236,00 Euro). They will receive pocket money like this: (1. month: 118,00 Euro, 2. month: 118,00 Euro)


  • Between 18-30 years-old;
  • With different competences and interests (event management, youth activities, multimedia, etc.).
  • To communicate in English;
  • To have knowledge of project preparation and application at least at basic level;
  • Communicate with disadvantaged groups;
  • Create and apply activities;
  • Predisposition to teamwork;
  • Participation in voluntary activities;
  • Being open to learning and sharing

Send us your motivational letter and  CV at

Application deadline: 01.03.2020

Participation fee: 600 MKD

For additional info contact us on

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