My EVS experience – Izabela Iuhasz

In the second half of August 2019, I had the opportunity to work as an EVS volunteer at the Center for Youth Activism KRIK / КРИК for two weeks.

During this time, I had the chance to discover more about North Macedonia and especially about Skopje, by doing volunteering activities in different locations.

The young team from Krik Center (and Nala their beautiful dog) have welcomed us and offered us language support, in a country with a different alphabet than the one that I knew. I had the chance to meet new people and to learn more about different cultures, languages and religions.

North Macedonia is a beautiful country with an interesting history, the symbol being Alexander the Great or “Alexandru Macedon”.

During the project, one of the first volunteering activities was to do a little bit of gardening and to redecorate the garden furniture from Krik Center, in order to give a touch of color to the place.

Then, I also had the challenge to prepare workshops for young people with intellectual disabilities, who benefit from specialized services in Zavod Center, presenting them the information about Romanian culture and playing interesting games together.

Another activity that I really enjoyed a lot, was held outdoor, more precisely in the City Park, where together with the French Scouts, we managed to bring smiles to the young participants from Zavod Center, spending a wonderful time together, and making them feel included in our group.

Being part of the project “Enable THISability!” was a wonderful experience and I am very happy that I had the chance to be part of it.

In North Macedonia – Skopje is wonderful, but Matka Canyon and Ohrid, will always remain my favorite places!!!

I wish a lot of success to Krik Center, to continue with their work and to develop more volunteering projects in the future.

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