My EVS experience – Fatih Berkay Sarpkaya

Hi, my name is Fatih. I am 20 and I am from Turkey. I study Electrical and Electronics Engineering at Bilkent University, Ankara which is the capital city of Turkey. I am a volunteer for 1 month in Skopje, Macedonia.  Before I came here, I had some doubts about my adaptation process. However, as time passes I handled it with the great support of volunteers of KRIK centre. Going Macedonia and also going abroad is a completely different experience for me because before Macedonia I’ve only been to Europe, in London, once for 1 month. I would like to tell my 1-month experience step by step. The first week, I tried to learn how KRIK Center works and what is the duties of workers here. In addition, I discovered the city a little bit. At the first time, It was hard for me because of the Macedonian language. I couldn’t even read this language because of the different alphabet. Then, I took some Macedonian lessons in KRIK office and I got used to it. At least, I can read words in Macedonian and understand some basic things. As I travelled to the city, I realised that there were so many Turkish people. This fact helped me to feel home and makes the process of adaptation easier. The second week, I met with the Scout form France and we did some activities with some children who have mental disabilities. I had no experience with kind of these children so I was really excited and a little bit worried but with the help of Scout and also other volunteers from KRIK, I didn’t have much trouble. To be honest, I think I got along well with them and playing with such kids was really enjoyable for me. End of the second week, we went to Dojran and joined D festival with 2 kids. We stayed in a tent and we were just around 20 meters away from Dojran Lake. We also gave some information about KRIK to people at the festival and played some games to make people understand what social inclusion is and how disable people feel in social life. Staying at a tent, being in such a festival and informing people about a social organisation were really different and enjoyable experiences for me. The third week, just after the d festival, we went to the Summer Camp in Ohrid. We stayed again in a tent and we were just 10 meter away from the Ohrid lake. Ohrid is a really amazing place. Probably, I will visit Ohrid again one day. We stayed there for almost 1 week. During the summer camp, there were some workshops, games and outdoor activities. This summer camp was so enjoyable and instructive for me. I’ll miss it. My EVS experience was generally like this. As I said, It was so different and enjoyable adventure for me. I met many people and I made lots of new friends. Thanks  everyone here for everything and I hope we’ll meet again. 

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