Call for participants for Training Course- “Act ForWords”

CYA Krik issues a call for 3 participants for a training course in Toulose, France.

Project description:

Everyday with the youth we are working with, or the people we are living with, we can observe discriminations. Everyday on the news we can see how dangerous discrimination can be, how far the acts can go. Since the concept of discrimination appeared, and we fight against, the number of act didn’t decrease. As youth workers, it is our duty to warn young people from this, to avoid them to get into other’s aversion and to be radicalized.
We need to fight in an efficient way against discrimination. Non formal education is our weapon and forum theater will be our tool. Let’s build together a better society.

We plan to use participative methods. Participant will be active and implicate in any task from the daily life in order to bring the group dynamic, and the participants to know each other on informal times . We will also use non formal education tools to promote a group dynamic and in the workshops proposed. Therefor every one should be able to develop his critical mind, his analysis sens and share his opinion with the others. By this way we will promote each skills and knowledges we will gain during the training course.


→ Initiate youth workers to forum theater as a tool to fight against discrimination
→ Work towards to fight against any type of discriminations on a European level.
Also one of our aim is to promote an ecological food consumption. Every food we buy for the training is organic and produced locally. We will also create an healthy daily life (with daily practice of yoga, singing, meditating ect.) in order to give an example of how to have a peace of mind in our works.

Venue and date:

The Training course will last 11 days at Bédeille (09230 – South-West of France), in the old farm we own and we renovate with youth. There will be around 25 participants. The TC will take place from the 1rst to the 11rst of October 2019 (travels days included).

When: 01.10-11.10.2019

Participating countries: Belgium, Cyprus, Romania, Estonia, Macedonia, Greece.


– between 18+ years old

– with proper English skills (at least speaking)

– youth interested in learning.

To apply, fill in the online application form .

Deadline for applications 20.05.2019.

Participation fee for CYA Krik: 600 MKD

For any additional questions, contact us at

!!Only the selected participants will be contacted!!

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