Call for participants for a training course in Mersin, Turkey

CYA Krik issues a call for 3 participants for  a training course in Mersin, Turkey














Project Description:
“imProve leAdership Skills Through Storytelling-PASTs” is a training course for potential partners of Youth Exchanges in frame of Erasmus+ Youth programme. We have been working on this project to train youth leaders who are interested in non-formal educational activities to reach many more youngsters to be part of life and find a way to conquer their capacity and skills to find a profession to walk on the earth. It is known that all of our educational activities and effort are to get knowledge, shape our character and most important one is to improve their skills for a profession.
In most of curricula, there is not so much how to let youngsters improve their leadership skills for their future. There is not a class to empower pupils to be a powerful person to lead the rest, either. These results show that we need to provide alternatives that escape from the formal standards, in order to solve these problems. Non formal education gives the chance to young people to develop a number of competences through different kind of activities.


– learn about the power of storytelling;
– learn to create test to assess one’s leadership skills
– understand how to reinforce our talents and skills to be a powerful leader in youth actions,

– raise their skills for future and sense of responsibility,
-motivate the young people to work in the field of non-formal education and promote the new methods and approaches
– motivate youth workers to be more active in their local community
– teach them how to cooperate with people from different backgrounds
– promote intercultural learning and dialogue, break down prejudices
– raise awareness about Erasmus+ amongst youth leaders and workers and moreover motivate them to be active as European citizens
– strengthen our mutual partnerships and plan new projects together.

When:24-30 March 2019

Participating countries: Turkey, Romania, Slovakia, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Poland, Latvia, Greece and Lithuania


• representative of the youth organisation or non-formal groups of young people, who is able and authorized on behalf of its organisation to create future projects ideas within Erasmus+ Programme;
• over 18 years old
• basic knowledge about Erasmus + Programme, digital tools for storytelling
• some experience in youth work/local youth projects in their country;
• readiness to develop a guide how to help a youngster to improve his/her leadership skills,
• active participation and contribution during the full duration of the TC;
• ability to communicate in English;


To apply, fill in the online application form .

Deadline for applications as soon as possible.

Participation fee for CYA Krik: 600 MKD

For any additional questions, contact us at

!!Only the selected participants will be contacted!!

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