Heroes and heroines of youth sport work for inclusion

In the next 2 years, new project activities are going to be implemented. The project is called Heroes and heroines of youth sport work for inclusion coordinated by Ferfilo from Italy in partnership with CYA KRIK from Macedonia, Realization from Croatia and Outreach from Germany. The project duration is 20 months – January 2019 – August 2020.

Project info:

With this project’s activities we want the community, youth, youth workers, educators, organizations to be more aware of the immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees and their situation and to enable them to better include the newcomers in their activities. Through the project activities we want to increase all (mainstream and marginalized) youngsters’ competences for inclusion and intercultural acceptance of immigrants, asylum seekers and refugees, making more inclusive and sport-friendly activities through the intellectual outputs of this project.

Promoting quality youth work and building the capacities of the youth workers is the other priority. With this project, we are supporting the youth workers in developing and sharing effective methods in reaching out to marginalized young people and including them in everyday life and everyday activities, through enhancing the international dimension of youth (sport) work activities and enhancing the capacity of youth workers and organisations in their support of every young person.

The “Heroes and Heroines of Youth Sport Work for Inclusion” project is aiming to identify new ways in which immigrants, refugees and asylum seekers can get more involved in various social and educational activities.

As part of the project activities we are working on researching the services and programs offered for immigrants, asylum seekers and refuges in Italy, Macedonia, Croatia and Germany.

We prepared 2 questionnaires, one for institution/organization, and one for youth workers.

Could you help us to build up an image of the current situation that young immigrants are facing by providing us with information regarding the provision they are receiving at your organization? Your responses will be included in a final report.

If you are representing institution/organization please fill in this questionnaire

If you are youth worker please fill in this questionnaire


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