Call for participants for a Training course “From Inside Out”, Latvia

Training course “From Inside Out” | @SERDE | Aizpute | Latvia | JUN 1 – 11′ 2019

CYA Krik issues a call for Training course in Latvia.










What: Training course “From Inside Out”

When: JUN 1 – 11′ 2019

Where: Aizpute, Latvia

Host Organization:  Room of Fulfilled Dreams

About the project:


Current situation in Europe with several still alive past conflicts among different ethnic groups, increasing nationalism and radicalism along with a global concern over the effects of climate change is alarming. In so unpredictable context new waves of hate and violence are possible. Therefore it is essential that each person is equipped with peace building skills, as well as understands himself or herself in midst of conflict and thus is able to act from the place of empathy and solidarity.
Main theme of this project is peace education as integral part of the peace building efforts. This project was designed to assist participants in developing empathetic and creative leadership skills for delivering peace education and empower them to become active peace builders in their communities.


to enhance participants’ understanding of peace education through a holistic and experiential approach and to explore opportunities to integrate into peace education nature and place based learning approach and methods. One of the main problems with traditional peace building is the lack of holistic approach and many global peace initiatives are overly focused on the political levels of peace and conflict without considering the personal and interpersonal dimensions, where the patterns of violence also exist. However peace building is not only about responding to international conflicts, it is also about how we relate to ourselves and those around us.


Main activity within this project is a training course for youth workers, non-formal learning facilitators, teachers, young peace builders and peer educators, which will happen in Aizpute, Latvia, from June 1st to 11th 2019. During the training course participants will learn principles of and different approaches to peace education, learn and co-create peace education methods, discover how to build peace within themselves, in and between various groups. Special emphasis will be put on environmental justice and exploring connections among climate change and new conflicts around the world. Training program includes analysis of conflicts and social and environmental injustice in participants’ communities and exploring and strengthening participants’ opportunities and capacities to help to transform these struggles. Using nature and place based education approach, most of the activities will be carried out in cooperation with local people, organisations and small producers from Aizpute, creating together with them, engaging them, also supporting them in their own work and building up training methods and exercises on opportunities and resources that this place offers – landscape, nature, cultural heritage, experience, skills and crafts of local people.

If you…:

This training course is for you if you:

– care about justice and peace and want to become more active in building and strengthening peace and justice at local and international level;
– work with young people as facilitator, youth worker, social worker, peer educator, teacher, artist or activist;
– want to learn what peace education is or already are active peace educator who wants to learn new methods and exchange experience;
– if you love adventures in wild nature and are open to interact also with local human beings;

If you are interested to apply, fill in this aplication form and submit it.

!!Only the selected participants will be contacted!!

Deadline for applications: 1st of March, 2019.

The costs for food, accommodation, training materials are covered by the Erasmus+: Youth Programme. The travel costs to the venue are being reimbursed maximum till 275 EUR. Taxi and first class tickets will not be reimbursed.Please, note, that in case of failing to organise a follow-up event your travel reimbursement will be reduced for around 30 percent and this sum will be invested in organising peace education workshops in Latvia. Stay in Latvia outside the official program of the course is at your own expense. Note: Selected participants should look for tickets to airports in Riga or Liepaja.

Participation fee for CYA Krik: 600 MKD

For any additional questions, contact us at


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