Call for short term EVS project for 2 months for period of 12th June – 9th August 2018

What: European Voluntary Service – EVS
When: 12th June – 9th August 2018
Where: Mersin, Turkey
Host organization: Akdeniz Üçüncü Göz Eğitim ve Gençlik Derneği (Third Eye Education and Youth Association of Mediterranean – TEAM)
TEAM was founded in 2009 in order to protect the wild and natural life with the local community and youth in and around Mersin.Especially. TEAM care a lot for the Sea-Turtles (Caretta-Caretta and CheloniaMydas) which leave their eggs on the coast of Kazanlı-Mersin and are under the risk of extinction. TEAM act as an EVS coordinating organisation in Mersin (sending and hosting volunteers).
One of the most important priorities for the project will be the promotion of active citizenship spirit, the empowerment of voluntarism and of the spirit of collaboration and solidarity to a young group.

Activities from the weekly program;

-Meeting with mentors and project coordinator discussion-briefing
-Cleaning the coast where turtle lays their eggs
-Preparing media about environmental protection
-Turkish Language support
-Meeting with local people and informative activities about environment
-Informative workshops – creating awareness about environmental protection, recycling, reusing,
reducing among youth and children via theatre play, games, flash mobs depend on our groups’

The volunteers are cleaning the beach in the late afternoon and walking on the beach at nights in order to monitor and protect the Mama and Baby sea-turtles from the predators.(like Dogs&Crabs..) During the period of May and June, the Mama turtles are laying their eggs on the beach and the Baby turtles come out end of July.

The volunteers will be active in the project for 35 h per week (language lessons are the part of it. Arrival and departure days do not make the part of volunteering time. The volunteering schedule may also vary with time – some periods will be more busy, and some will be much more flexible. The planning of the activities the volunteer has to build up together with the host organisation.

Food and accommodation
Accommodation and board will be covered by the Turkish National Agency. 100% of Travel costs are covered by the Turkish National Agency.
There will be provided sufficient food and accommodation for the volunteers. The volunteers are responsible to cook their meal 2 by 2 each weekday.
The volunteer will be accommodated in 3 flats. The volunteer will share the common space and the bedroom mostly four people in one room. The flat is situated near the project area and has double bedrooms, kitchen, living room and all other facilities. There are mainly sufficient materials like internet, fridge, kettle, oven, hot water in the flat.

Language Course
There will be provided Turkish language lesson training for total 4 hours in a week.

Send us your motivational letter and  CV at

Application deadline: 27th April

Participation fee: 300 MKD

For additional info contact us on

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