Call for participants on APV “Back 2 Basics” Paris, France

CYA Krik issues a call for a leader and participant for an Advanced Planning Meeting for the Youth Exchange “Back 2 Basics”.


What: Advanced Planning Meeting

When: 20th – 23rd April 2018

Where: Paris, France.

Hosting organisation: Paragraf International

Activities aimed at a target audience of young people under 30 years old, as well as training and workshops for youth leaders who want to acquire new skills and improve their work within their community.
Their action, namely international meetings centered on positive and federating themes such as arts, healthy lifestyles, citizenship and ecology, is aimed primarily at young people from disadvantaged backgrounds or who encounter social, cultural or financial obstacles.
The structure is only composed of volunteers and is managed in such a way as to leave room for all those wishing to share their skills with the young people. We also offer assistance to young people with ideas of personal or collective projects and requiring administrative or financial support.

About the project:

During the 7 days of the youth exchange, 40 Participants from 8 countries will take up the challenge of a “Digital Detox” in a European context and advocating a healthy lifestyle and activities. All activities will be disconnected and will take place “as in the past”, encouraging more dialogue and facilitating the creation of human relationships. We will propose a series of activities and debates, such as the influence of technologies on our society but also to encourage a collective way of life focused on the individual. The context will facilitate dialogue and a series of fun activities aimed at sensitizing young participants to ecology and respect for the environment. “Back to Basics” project will target a group of young people with less opportunity to give a chance to young people to have a unique and enriching experience that will benefit them in the future.

The Advance Planning Visit will aim to bring together youth representatives and a participant of the partner associations. This meeting will help create the agenda and all the needed preparations for the youth exchange that will take place during the summer 2018. In short, the meeting will consist of two elements, one group leader and a young participant.*

*The young participant needs to participate both in the APV andexchange that will take part this summer.

If you are interested to apply, please fill this application form for participants.

Deadline for applying: 1st March, 2018.

The costs for food, accommodation, training materials are covered by the hosting organization. The travel costs to the venue are being reimbursed maximum till 275 euro.

Participation fee: 600 MKD

For any additional questions contact us at

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