Article – Training Course “Tools for Social Development – Volume II”

The project “Tools for Social Development” was designed as capacity building of youth workers on how to work with young people with disabilities, providing them with different theater tools and methods and contemporary dance techniques.
The project’s activity – Training Course for Youth Workers, happened from 1-8 December 2017 in Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia and it included 10 partner organizations from 10 different countries: Portugal, Spain, France, Greece, Romania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Serbia.
The Training Course had important focus on using theatre methodologies and contemporary dance techniques as a tool when working with mixed ability groups. The project directly involved people with disabilities and it had an aim of promoting their mobility opportunities. The team of trainers from People to People Serbia with this project has provided participants with possibility to develop professionally, gain practical knowledge in the field of working with mixed ability groups while using theatre and contemporary dance methodologies as approach.
This Training Course as a result delivered an outcome in the form of Theater Performance which took place in the local cinema on 6 December 2017. The Theater Performance was implemented as presentation of previously conducted eight days artistic learning process. You can also check out the Performance on the following link.
Along with the Theater Performance, another important outcome of the project is an Online Manual which will present a tool kit for everyone interested in using and implementing mentioned artistic tools when working with people with disabilities. The Online Manual is available on the following link.
Sofija Stojanovska, participant of the project: “First, when I saw the call for participants for the project I was super excited to apply because it affects me professionally. I’m first year at the University and I’m studying special education and rehabilitation. I love non formal way of learning and most of the time I work on projects connected to NFE and people with disabilities. So, I’m an activist, I organize workshops but I never had a chance to experience learning by doing that much as I experienced here. I learned how to make dance performance of our professional backgrounds. I like dancing because for me it’s a metaphor of the social interaction in the real life. It expresses everything – our body, mind and spirit. Our movements in the theatre performance we did are perfect, not from the dance perspective but from social perspective. We are encouraging everyone to give a part of self that is unique. Basically during the training course we learned how to respect each other through art. The moves came from the participants, we created them all together. I’m really thankful because our trainer used only couple of words, as tips, and we made the rest. It’s very important to be self-initiative in life. I would like just to see people respecting each other and through this project and theatre performance we will show the world how people can do that. I love my group and the best way of raising awareness is through love.”
Olivera Pandarevic, participant of the project: “Considering the training course I like the influence it brought to me. It was spontaneous and also direct influence in many different fragments of myself. Creating holistic environment in cause to create something bigger than all of us but for each of us is one of the greatest things that one human being working in group can produce. I like the diversity of techniques that we used during the workshops. Also, there was freedom given to us to express our inner individual characteristics and all of them implemented in one symphony, which represented a symbol of synergy, harmony when working with mixed ability groups and giving an opportunity to people with and without disability to discover and express themselves.”
The project “Tools for Social Development – Volume II” is co-funded by the Erasmus plus program under KA2 – Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices – Capacity Building in the field of Youth.

Group preparations of the Performance


Starting part of the Performance


Part of the Performance


Part of the Performance


Online Manual

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