Call for 4 participants for a Training Course in Pedoulas, Cyprus.


CYA Krik issues a call for 4 participants for a Training Course.


What: Training Course – Journey to Your Happiness

When: 09 – 15 April, 2018

Where: Pedoulas, Cyprus.

Host Organisation: YEU Cyprus

YEU Cyprus was established in 1995 as a Cypriot local civil organization (NGO), aiming to foster
closer co-operation and better understanding among the young people of the world by
exchanging information, experiences and ideas, on cultural, educational and social issues. YEU
Cyprus is affiliated with YEU International platform. It is a full member of Cyprus Youth Council
(CYC) – the official coordinating body of Cypriot Youth Organizations. It implements several
activities including workshops, field trips and training courses and it organizes and participates
in various international and local events to foster tolerance and mutual respect among

The project:

This training will explore the fundamental happiness paradox, in an effort to make participants
re-think their priorities and realise that what makes us happy has less to do with our money or
possessions, and more with our attitudes and relationships with other people.

The aim of focusing in these aspects of our lives is to improve the relations of each human being with
his/her fellow citizens. This exchange, aims to promote mental health among youth, develop mindsets against depression and promote e-health approaches – goals that correspond to some of the
key EU policy goals. The specific activity aims to work towards developing a culture of positivity
and cultivating those skills and attitudes necessary for leading a happier and more fulfilled life,
which is one of the Erasmus+ Programme objectives. The EU Youth Strategy (2010- 2018) aims to support the
health and wellbeing of young people, as part of one of its two main objectives – the
encouragement of young people to actively participate in society.


✓ Aged 18-30 years old.
✓ Able to communicate and follow the activity in the English language.
✓ Active in the youth field.
✓ Willingness to gain new knowledge, skills and competences in the field of happiness,
mainly through non-formal and informal education methods.
✓ Commitment to engage in the tasks and homework (e.g. taking part in online surveys
for measuring their happiness level before the exchange, etc.) that will be asked from
them by the project team – before, during and after the Training Course.
✓ Motivation to enhance their active participation in society and explore the links it
has with their mental well being.
✓ Desire to exchange ideas and viewpoints on the topic of happiness, with youth coming
from diverse backgrounds.
✓ Desire to engage in intercultural learning and expand their knowledge and
understanding of different cultures.

If you are interested to apply, please send this application form for participants and send it to

Deadline for applying: 31st January, 2018.

The costs for food, accommodation, training materials are covered by the hosting organization. The travel costs to the venue are being reimbursed maximum till 275 euro.

Participation fee: 600 MKD

For any additional questions contact us at

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