Call for an EVS volunteer from Germany for a 12 months project!

CYA Krik issues a call for an EVS volunteer from Germany for a 12 months long term project “We all have different abilities”

For bureaucratic reasons we are looking for a German citizen, currently living in Germany, age 18-30.

Time frame: as soon as possible – for 1 year


Part I – General information
Name: Long term EVS 12 months „We all have different abilities“
Dates: as soon as possible – for 1 year
Funded by: Erasmus+

The hosting organization is Center for Youth Activism CYA KRIK.

Centre for youth activism KRIK is non-governmental, non-profit organization established by young people, led by young people and it works for and with young people. The translation of the word KRIK is SCREECH/OUTCRY and the inspiration for it came out of the vision of this organization, which is to be the voice of the youth that will be heard and will make changes and contributions in the society. KRIK strives to encourage greater youth participation, youth activism, encourage young people to be more included in the policy making process on local and national level. The target group that KRIK works with are all people (but mainly youth) who want to contribute and make changes in the field of ecology, critical thinking and communicative skills, as well as working for the well-being of the socially excluded groups from the society.
The mission of KRIK is empowerment of youth by motivating them for raising their voice and contributing in the society, as well as supporting youth work and youth workers by acting in different areas in order greater youth participation, youth activism and involvement in policy making process on local and national level.

Here you can check some pictures of what does the EVS volunteers usually do in Krik

Part II – Practical Information

o Skopje
Skopje is the capital and largest city of Republic of Macedonia. It is the country’s political, cultural, economic, and academic centre. Skopje is University City so there is a population of around 1 million citizen’s mostly young people during the academic year (September-June).
During the day there are interesting places to visit like mountain Vodno, Matka (where is an artificial lake and a dam), fortress Kale, Old bazaar (where is our office) etc. The night life is also good: pubs and discotheques with different styles and lots of festivals like Baskerfest, Beer Fest and Vine Fest, Movie and Drama Festival, poetry and more.
Except Skopje there are other cities which are worth to see, depend of what you like: ski centres are in Mavrovo, Tetovo, Kocani. Ohrid, Struga, Prespa and Dojran are cities with natural lakes. Ohrid and Bitola are full with historical values and churches. In Tetovo there is the biggest colourful mosque, and all other things and cities to explore.
The money currency is Macedonia Denar MKD, 1 euro = 61.35 MKD. City buses are cheap less than 50 cents. Weather in Skopje in summer is warm 30-40 degrees, and in winter is
0-10 degrees, so bring your warm clothes.

o Our office and the places where you will work
Our current office is located in the Municipality of Kisela Voda in the suburb Przino which is 1.5 km from the city centre. Address: Karadzica No.6. Our office is in a house. We have two offices for the Krik’s staff. From December 2016 we have youth center ’’Krikni’’ and there we organize our activities. Furthermore there is a cozy place which is specialized for the volunteers, with kitchen. You will be theree during the day for your language classes and helping us with online marketing and also planning the activities that you will deliver.
Your responsibilities for the project are:

o Helping with everyday work of KRIK office 
This means helping the staff with organizing events, administration, social media etc…

o At least one workshop per week
Our target group in general is young people. We have focus on young people with fewer opportunities. The target groups are young deaf people, young blind people, young people having Down syndrome and young people coming from rural areas. We also work with young people with typical development in primary and high schools. You can choose with which target group you feel most comfortable to work with and together with us you will plan the activities and the program you will deliver. During the workshops there will be someone from Krik that will provide you support in delivering the workshops.

o At least one event per week
Each week you will organize an interesting event for the target group (young people with fewer opportunities and young people with typical development). That could be non formal gathering and speaking about different subjects, parties, hiking in the mountains…. Whatever creative activities you can come out with that will aim to make safe place for the young people to hang out and learn from each other.

o Supporting and learning from the youth workers in the youth centre. 
We are expecting 4 volunteers to be present since September 2017. Among the regular activities, the volunteers in shifts of 2 people will be responsible for the activities in the youth centre (technical and logistical support for the youth workers and young people).

o Writing reports for the activities you deliver
Each week you will write short reports for the activities that you will deliver. All the time we will post it on fb page and sometimes on local media (on line news papers, radio etc.)
Part III – Financial conditions
We will pay for the apartment and for the bills and we will give you each month pocket money. You will buy your food and cook by yourself in the apartment. There is a kitchen in the apartment. Transport will be covered extra when is needed. We will provide you with bus tickets if is needed also. We will provide you phone cards with credit only for the beginning (you have to bring some phone who will accept Macedonian phone card), after that you will be responsible to recharge it. Travel costs to and from Macedonia are also covered.

Part IV – Contact details
Krik e-mail:
EVS Sending organisation:
Loesje e.V.
Karl-Kunger-Str. 55, 12435 Berlin
Part V – Application procedure
If you think that this is an opportunity for you and would like to get more active in the activities of Krik for the next year apply by sending us your short motivational letter and your CV. The selected volunteers will be invited for Skype interview.

Send us the documents at and in copy at
If you need additional information about the EVS sending procedure, you can contact the office of Loesje e.V. in Berlin.

We are looking forward to your application!

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