Article about my EVS – Peter Ernst

Short info about my project and me:

I am long term EVS volunteer from Germany. My project is “We all have different abilities” with duration 01.09.2016 – 01.09.2017. I am delivering creative workshops for youth with and without disabilities (visual, hearing impairment and Down syndrome). The activities that I delivers are promotion of KRIK in the schools, Dance Club workshop, Wall painting workshop and more. Furthermore I am also helping in the daily work in the office, attending events and trainings about youth work and social inclusion.


“I got the chance to figure out I don´t have to find myself, I have to create myself.”

– Peter Ernst











My EVS experience was amazing. I grow fast to an adult person, because I learned a lot in my project and in my EVS. One year living abroad means getting a lot of experience. I can tell that experience teaches you. It teaches you how to become responsible and how to manage and deal with life. Good and bad experience exist in EVS, too, but both of them were very important for me. I´m not a totally different person now, but this year – full of experience – gave me the opportunity to see the world with different view. I´m smarter, calmer and happier. The most beautiful experience I had in my EVS was the moment at Ohrid, the wonderful lake which I was visiting while I got a training about Project management and youth work at the Scouts camp in February 2017. The worse experience was based on a misunderstanding, because I didn´t deal well my own money budge at one of the first month and I thought I got cheated. But on the end I was very emotional and I just overreacted. If I would get this situation again, now at this time, I would know how to deal with it and I would act different because of my experience.

 Hosting organization:

Centre for youth activism KRIK in Skopje/ Macedonia – My hosting organisation is like a family to me. We got close and have an emotional relationship. The members invited me for typical Macedonian holidays and cultural traditions. My mentor Irena gave me the best opportunities in this year and she supported me very well, also we shared a big hobby dancing ballet which connected us strong. The executive director Mila showed me how to manage and to deal with youth work, furthermore she helped me faster to adopt to the Macedonian culture as she invited me for Christmas dinner with her family. The coordinator Sanja saved my money budget and me very well, also she invited me to a lot of social events, like theatre plays, museums events, poetry slams etc. I could write more and more about the people in my hosting organisation which hosted me well. I will be thankful my whole live and I will never forget KRIK and my EVS in Macedonian. I remember as it was yesterday. It was the first of September 2017, at the morning I arrived with a big sunshine of motivation and my big suitcase to the railway of Skopje – which my strong mentor took the whole way to my new apartment! – and my future mentor and my roommate where waiting for me. They picked me up and showed me the wonderful city, hosting organization and surprised me with a nice welcome party at the working place on the end of my first EVS day. Furthermore I finally choose the hosting organization KRIK because of their flexible project offer and good cooperation.  I could switch and change workshops as I wished in consultation with my mentor and with great preparation/ ideas of different youth work activities. The working times where nearly perfect and so flexible. If I got a problem my mentor had an open ear. The bad thing at my hosting organization was the information part. At the beginning on my EVS I didn´t get enough information about workshops, trainings outdoor activities which I visited. But the EVS volunteers – me and my roommates – mentioned our problems at EVS- Meetings and it got soon handled. Which means, if I had a problem, I had to tell it and my hosting organization changed it soon and well as possible. I can´t mention it more often. I´m really glad  that I had the opportunity to work for KRIK as EVS volunteer which gave me big opportunities, also in private life!


The activities that I have delivered:

  • German basic lessons
  • Dance workshop
  • Enlightenment about disabilities, youth work and EVS
  • Wall painting workshop
  • Promotion of KRIK in the schools and public open places
  • Crash course painting
  • Multicultural movie nights
  • Summer camp for inclusion
  • Ballet


…. were amazing! 🙂

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