Call for participants for a transnational meeting of the project ”EMVISION” ,29th October – 5th November, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

CYA KRIK issues: Call for 7 participants

What: Erasmus+, KA- 3, project, developed by Asociatia Babilon Travel (ABT).

When: 29th  October – 5th  November, 2017

Where: Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Host organization: Asociația Babilon Travel

More about the project:  EMVISION is an Erasmus+, KA-3, project, developed by Asociatia Babilon Travel (ABT).
EMVISION is raising the voices of young people concerned about the situation of young blind or visually impaired (YBVI) and empowers them to strive to improve inclusive youth policy, dedicated YBVI through a structured dialogue between young people and decision makers/experts in this field. EMVISION is encouraging the involvement of civil society in creating and implementing policies, promoting transnational co-operation, better knowledge of European policies, equipping participants with soft skills such as working in an international environment, designing of actions with impact on decision making agents power and increasing acceptability of participants to other cultures.

Through the project, young people will have the opportunity to interact with policy makers and experts. This activity will create/develop, in a non-formal learning context, among the participants, diplomatic and negotiation skills and it will equip them with knowledge necessary for proper participation in the democratic life of the community. In this
respect, participants will research in regard of European youth policies and priorities, will practice leadership, communication, teamwork, decision making and will meet other decision makers/experts in youth policies, disabilities, and inclusion.

Participant’s profile:

  • 6 Young people, age 18-30 (1 visually impaired or blind youngster );
  • Are committed to change something in their community/society;
  • Want to participate to public debates;
  • Have empathy and understanding for their disabled peers;
  • Are interested in how the democratic and legislative mechanisms are working and how these can be used to produce a better world;
  • Are ready to get in touch with people representing other cultures, to learn and to share;
  •  Intend to develop their language skills in a foreign language, i.e. English, which is the official language of the project.

One policy maker/expert, involved in the project, age 21+, should be:

  • Directly involved in the youth field, youth policies or inclusion (local councilors, experts or decision makers in city halls, local or regional public bodies, youth councils, etc.);
  • Open to the needs and desires of YBVI and ready to implement future projects and programmes, regarding them;
  • Ready to share their professional experience;
  • Able to present at least one policy proposal, or amendment, that could lead to beneficial local, national or European policy reforms, regarding YBVI;


The call is open until 20 of August.

If interested to apply fill in this  Application form for participants.

If interested to apply as a policy maker/expert fill in this Application form.

The costs for food, accommodation, training materials are covered by the hosting organization. The travel costs to the venue are being reimbursed maximum till 180 euro.

Participation fee: 600 MKD


For any additional questions contact us at

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