Call for 2 participants on a project ’’I am here’’, 4th -8th September 2017, Aveiro, Portugal

CYA KRIK issues: Call for 2 participants

What: Erasmus + Project

When: 4th  – 8th  September 2017 

Dates for Advanced planning visit (APV): 8th – 9th July 2017 (+ 2 travel days)

Where: Aveiro, Portugal

Host organization: Aveiro Viva is the result of several individual and informal dynamics of its members, who already participated in dynamic religious, scouting, volunteering, exchange programs, resolution of social issues and association with social and Humanitarian organizations, among others, but considered that they lacked a common link of action, which responded to many of the needs that have been identified, however.

Goals of the project

  1. Promote social and democratic participation;
  2. Promote knowledge of social interaction opportunities;
  3. To promote knowledge of the national and European context;
  4. Promote diversity and inclusion;
  5. Promote intercultural dialogue, the values of freedom, tolerance and respect for human rights;
  6. Strengthen the international dimension of organizations;
  7. Promote the methodology of non-formal education;
  8. Develop skills in a foreign language

Identified problems and needs that need  to  be addressed  through the project:

The project arises from the identification of the problem of discrimination and social exclusion. We have found that young people with disabilities are often excluded and away from the national and European context, the evolution of society and Participation in it.

The rate of abstention of young people with disabilities is so high that leave us apprehensive and forced to act actively in the fight against this problem.

In this sense, we have identified the need to provide young people with disabilities with the sharing of experiences and sharing of realities and lifestyles and contact with the community, valuing the role of these

Youth action based on the methodology of non-formal education, social integration and inclusion, active citizenship and European identity.

Advance Planning Visit:

The Advance Planning Visit will aim to bring together youth representatives and a participant of the partner associations. In short, the meeting will consist of two elements, one group leader and a young participant with fewer opportunities.

Travel and accommodation

Costs for travel and accommodation are 100% covered

How to apply: fill the application form

The call is open till: 4th of June

For more info contact us on

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