My EVS experience – Barbara Jarysz from Poland

Project: We, ourselves and our culture!

Duration: 01.10.2016 – 30.09.2017

Partners: Stowarzyszenie “Jeden Swiat” – Service Civil International Poland Organizacja Pożytku Publicznego and Center for Youth Activism CYA KRIK

Volunteer: Barbara Jarysz

Macedonia is a part of me. I have there my memories, emotions, experiences, friendships… It’s taste of ajvar, baklava, šopska, rakija – taste of happiness. Macedonia is addictive and doesn’t let me to forget her. Whoever has tasted the Balkan’s diversity, will want to come back.

EVS in Macedonia is the fulfillment of my dreams of returning to the Balkans. I’ve spent some time in this charming country before, I participated in student exchanges and researches. I graduated from ethnology and Balkan studies, Macedonia gave me the opportunity to realize both of my passions. After graduation I missed Macedonia so much. Then came the idea to go to EVS. And here I am! Dreams come true 🙂 That was the best decision I could have made.

Thanks to the work with people from KRIK I feel that I’m doing something good. For the others, but also for myself. I feel happy to work with young people with visual and hearing impairment and also with people with Down Syndrome. This is a completely new experience for me. I must admit that I was so scared because I didn’t have work experience in this field. Volunteering turned out that openness, communication skills and a little bit of knowledge that’s all I need to lead a creative workshop for youth with different types of disabilities. I love the people I work with. The smile on the face of people being under my charge is the biggest reward for me. Thanks to my girls from KRIK I feel that I’m still developing myself. I learned and I’m still learning new things from them and the youth that I work with. KRIK team is like my second family right now. We support each other, discover new things and ourselves.

Of course, it’s not always easy and colorfully. But Macedonia has a cure for this 🙂 Baklava is perfect way to overcome a bad mood. Especially when you eat it with others.

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