See You Watching me – Unicef project

  • Project Name: See You Watching Me
  • Program duration: 12 months 01.01.2017-31.12.2017
  • Geographical coverage: Skopje, Kicevo, Sv. Nikole, Tetovo, Prilep, Gevgelija
  • Partner: Union of Scouts of Macedonia
  • Funded by: UNICEF MK

Through children programs on different cultural subject we will foster social inclusion of people with sensor and intellectual disabilities with their peers. 10 children programs in total will be organized in the first 6 months of 2017.

The aims of the project are:

-To foster social inclusion of children with disabilities and their peers

-To include children with disabilities in activities from non-formal education

-To strengthen the communication between children with disabilities and children with typical development

-To explore creativity and culture through social inclusion of the target group

-To raise the awareness of the population in Macedonia for the presence of the children with disabilities and their human rights through presenting the results of the programs in different cities in Macedonia

-To make the work of the groups more visible on line. This bring bigger attention to the capacities of the target group and what can they achieve which helps the population to accept and understand the differences.

After the programs, we will organize 3 camps in total where the participants will be working and exploring outdoor activities and the nature. The youth will have the opportunity to gather in nature and learn all the necessary things for outdoor activities.

As final closing of the project we will organize big conference where we will invite different stakeholders and promote the results of the project activities and have a discussion about the social inclusion of children with disabilities in everyday life.

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