Call for 2 participants for Training Course about Street Based Youth Work 08-12.02.2017 Ljubljana Slovenia

CYA KRIK issues: Call for 2 participants


Erasmus+ KA1 Youth worker mobility Capacity building and exchange of good practices in the field of street-based youth work


What: Training course Erasmus + KA1 Youth worker mobility

When: 08-12 February 2017

Where: Ljubljana Slovenia

Host organization: Mreza Mlada Ulica Slovenia

More about the project:  The general aim of this activity is to get to know other organizations in Europe that work in the same field and ideally build future international projects together.

Participant’s profile: Experienced youth workers with experience in street based youth work or who wants to learn and engage more in this approach. The participants should be older than 18 years old. Well understanding and talking of English language is required.

Objectives of the project:

  • International networking: this is our first step towards an internationally-active youth network
  • Developing methodologies: we want to exchange experience and good practices in the field of street-based youth work as well as organizational structures of street-based youth work organizations

About the hosting organization: Mreza Mlada Ulica-Network Young Street’s main focus are young people that gather on public spaces. Their behavior on public spaces is sometimes problematic and irresponsible, and our solution to this problem is in street based youth work, where we can talk to young people as peers and raise awareness of responsible ‘hanging-out’. To be as effective in helping in this situation, we want to exchange good practices with other organizations, especially those that focus on detached youth work (but we’re curious and open about other forms as well!), get feedback from other organizations and develop our practice, as well as expand our international network. Since we have years of experience in street-based youth work and a very specific non-hierarchical organizational structure, we feel that we can also contribute valuable first-hand knowledge to the PBA.

Some topics we which will be covered at the PBA:

  • How to develop and upgrade street-based youth work – both with international partners and with new methodologies
  • How to form a sustainable organization in terms of training and motivating members.
  • Recognition (or lack of) of street-based youth work as a profession and as a job sector
  • Non-hierarchical organizational structures in youth work

About the results: The main result that we want from this meeting are ideas for further co-operation and a strategic plan of mutual projects. This is the first step in our international work that we would like to build on later, possibly even in the first deadline of Erasmus+ next year.

The call is open until 13th of January.

If interested to apply fill in this application form here

The costs for food, accommodation, training materials are covered by the hosting organization. The travel costs to the venue are being reimbursed maximum till 275 euro.

For any additional questions contact us at 

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